Hedge Fund Tips Episode 36 - When it Rains it Pours

This weekend I recorded my 36th weekly VideoCast (26th Podcast) on Stock Market Outlook, Commentary and Weekly recap.

You can watch the VideoCast if youre sitting OR listen to the Podcast if youre on the run:

Watch: VideoCast (on your computer/phone):


Listen: Podcast version (on the run/phone):


Of particular note are the sections:

  • What has the market spooked and how does it get resolved?
  • Cheddar TV Appearance (Case Spike by Age and Implications/Econ Data).
  • OAN TV Appearance (Bank Stress Test Results and Implications).
  • USA Today and Reuters Quotes.
  • Growth:Value ratio disequilibrium and implications.
  • Silver Bullets?
  • Vice Chair Randy Quarles/Volker Rule.
  • Global Fiscal Stimulus Implications.
  • M2 Money Supply and Multiplier.
  • Credit Markets.
  • Cases vs. Deaths.
  • What worked in 1918?
  • A new weapon of mass destruction is coming (this time its good news).
  • Baltic Dry Index
  • AMA Ask me anything

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