Ethereum (ETHUSD) Breaking 3.5 Month Upchannel Support

Ethereum (ETHUSD) slid this past week, consolidating just below the 3.5 month upchannel support (on the weekly and daily chart). Significantly, the ETHUSD is at elevated risk of weakening further this week to the psychologically key 200 whole figure level, but doesn't appear likely for now, to return to the March low in the next few months. As the June high is only slightly higher than the May high, bulls will be looking out for a notably higher July high than the June high to regain control. With the weekly Stochastics tiring from overbought levels and the weekly RSI sloping down, any bounces in the daily RSI, Stochastics and MACD in the next few days will likely be fleeting, lasting only a day or so for now...Click here to freely preview this crypto market's fundamentals and industry fundamentals. Premium subscribers have access to all of this week's industry fundamentals, along with technicals and fundamentals on all top 3 crypto markets.

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Mylatest Bitcoin biweekly commentary (published Jun 17)withICE Singapore Futures is now available.

latest Bitcoin biweekly commentary (published Jun 17)

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